Christmas In May!

May 3, 2023

Okay, so the podcast is a little late this week, because life is chaotic and we’re doing our best. It’s on the way, we promise! However, I wanted to give you, our friends who consistently show up for us, a little something to tide you over until the pod drops. So, here it is.

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I really have been debating, in my mind, whether I would post this episode when it came up chronologically in the list I’ve been going down, or if it would have made more sense to hold it until it was more seasonally appropriate in December 2023. But today was the day where it came up - the next one in the list - and I decided to go for it. I historically love Christmas, a lot, a lot, a lot, but this past one was basically a wash for me and my family. Like, it just went by and we just let it go, because we were grieving. We still are, probably never won’t be, but I have wondered if I could love Christmas again. I think I will? Maybe one way to test that is to see if a little Christmas in May makes me feel anything. I think it will.

Please enjoy one of my favorite episodes of television I have ever been a part of in my whole career. And, once the podcast does come out, you will see how this fits in with it, because it might be the best gift I was ever able to help give anyone and the way Busy received the gift was, in turn, one of the best gifts I ever got.