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Hi! We’re Busy Philipps and Caissie St.Onge. If you’re here, you probably already know us and know the story of our friendship and partnership. We met working in show business and, one day through a jolt of Kismet and by the power of Tina Fey, we got to make a late night TV show together that we knew was gonna change the world! And we honestly believe it did…for 6 months. It definitely changed both of our worlds. So when it was over, we decided it didn’t mean our our mission to make as many good things to put into the world as we could was over.

We started a podcast, “Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best,” and we love doing it, but more than that, we love the community that has grown around it. Every week, we get together to talk about how we’ve been doing our best, and where we could be doing better, and somehow it fills up 3 hours, and usually we could talk for 3 more. We are so proud every time a listener tells us that it feels exactly like hanging out with friends, because that’s what it feels like for us too. Then we realized that a lot happens in the world, and in our worlds, in the intervening 6 days between episodes. Things we want to talk to our friends about right away, and have them talk back to us, which isn’t something we’re able to do seamlessly on the pod. We thought maybe this Substack could be one way to try that and we hope you’ll decide to subscribe. Your subscription ensures that you never miss a chance to join the discussion and supports us in our pursuit of putting good things into the world that make all of us feel a little more seen, a little more heard, a lot more understood and a little less alone.

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The same kind of things we talk about on the podcast "Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best" but in different ways!


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